Tuesday, December 17, 2013


We are currently getting our floors done! Finally getting rid of the nasty carpet.. full of stains from husby spilling beer, spilling food and also from lil m's vomit stains and from him throwing food around

Day 1 is done, and the awesome people came, ripped out my carpet and installed our new flooring into the living room and kitchen!! man.. do you know what is hiding behind your fridge and stove? There was so much crap!! It was DISGUSTING!!

Next is just my hallways :) I am so excited!! I am living in chaos right now, with furniture all over the place, shoved in my bedroom!! eeeks

Then soon I can put up Lil M's birthday gift.. a cool cars table that hubs let me buy!!
IT is so cool!!

Hope you are all having a great end of the year :)


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  1. yay on the new flooring..
    we got some new flooring too :)


Have a magical day!! xoxo