Friday, January 17, 2014

Lego Land

So sorry, I have no idea where my time has gone and why I haven't been able to post as regularly as I have been wanting to

I wanted to do a recap on our LegoLand trip! Since it was so much fun and all of Lil m's family was there!!

He started off with an amazing flight!! we were so lucky that he had his own seat :) He sat in between Po-Po and I!! We had fun looking out the window, watching movies on the iPad and drinking soda :) tee hee
We also ate gummy bears to help the ears from getting plugged and gold fish crackers :)

First thing when we landed, was to find E-ya and Uncle Rod!! 
We got our rental car and drove to Old town and had a delicious meal! MM chips, salsa and burritos!! Can't go wrong there!!

Next thing next, we made the drive to LegoLand and saw all the cool lego people welcoming us :)
Was so cool!! Lil M LOOOOOOVED it!!

My sister surprised us with cake, a fabulous candle, fancy plates with matching cups and lots of beer for Big M!!  We all had such a great time!! IT was a great way to celebrate a 2nd birthday!! Having everyone that Lil M loves there :) all giving him 110% of their attention! Running around, eating great food, and just enjoying one another :) There was no drama, no negativity and nothing to ruin the fun :)

We were so sad to leave :( Lil M loves E-ya and Uncle Rod! I wish they could have come back with us! too bad they don't live close to us  :( But we will see them again soon!!

Until next time!!!!  


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