Monday, February 3, 2014

Puddle Jumping

We had an awesome weekend considering the super bowl was a bust

Lil M's whole entire family was here in one house!! We all got together and lit candles for E-ya's birthday, Lil M got to play trains with Uncle No Soda, jump in puddles with Uncle Boy and got to see his Ti-Gon

We had such a great weekend, playing, getting wet, running around, sugar highs, and snuggles

It was so hard to say goodbye to E-ya and Uncle No Soda ;( Lil M is still quite upset about it today!!
He kept asking for them... sigh.. we have to get them to move back closer :(  

Soon we will all get together again, and Lil M will be happy again :) So hard to explain to a little one that he can't see his favorite people everyday :(


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