Friday, November 15, 2013

First Pair of Hunter Boots!!

Imagine my surprise, while shopping for fruits and vegetables at Costco I stumbled upon Hunter Rain boots for women!!  I couldn't believe my eyes!! I was super excited that they were half the price and in my size!!  I couldn't pass this opportunity up, so I put them in my shopping cart and went on my merry way!!

Hunter Ladies' Original Tall Rain Boots - Navy

I bought the boots in the navy blue, which to me, looks kind of a pretty grey. 

I am looking forward to the winter weather when the rain falls and Lil M and I can go puddle jumping!! These boots will keep my feet warm and dry! Not to mention, keep my pants from getting soaked!

I am so excited for this new find!! I still can't believe that Costco can sell them for half the price!!  What a deal :)

When I was checking out to pay, the cashier said the most hilarious thing ever, he said "$70 for rubber boots? you're getting ripped off" 

I couldn't help but laugh!! Guess he doesn't have any daughters at home :)

I put them on Lil M as to see how "tall" these boots were.. and his little leg couldn't reach all the way to the bottom!! Was hilarious!   He was not into my boots at all.. unless it was to put his cars inside haha

These new beauties are sitting in the box waiting for the first rain fall!

now question for those fashionistas out there... can i wear these boots even when it's not raining outside? or will i look like a total goober?? haha


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