Friday, November 8, 2013

Lego Mini Build

Once a month, lego hosts a really fun event where kids can come in and learn to build something and get to bring it home for free!!!

Lil M and his Uncle have been attending the last 3 events, and so far we have build a witch, an airplane and a tractor.  These events are so much fun and we have been meeting some really nice people while waiting in the LONG line!

The funny thing is, the event starts at 5pm sharp, and we usually get to the mall around 420/430, the line is pretty long already!! My brother and I believe that people must get there at 330, right after school.  There are kids there sitting on the floor with their iPads, their laptops and their school books.  Everyone is either doing homework or watching a movie.  It is so crazy!!  The parents are all fully equipped with coolers with snacks and drinks for their children.  Then there are the packs of kids that know each other and all sit together while waiting for the lego man to come out to hand out the cards, this means that the event will start soon, and if you receive a card you know you will be able to go in and build the lego of the day :)

The last lego build we ended up standing in line for 2 hours!! It was crazy long and for some reason, it took longer for people to build the tractor.  Lil M was a champ, we ran off to Sees candy to get some chocolate to fuel up and energize.  We people watched and played with the kids surrounding us.

When we got to the front of the line, and as we were waiting to be called in, Lil M started yelling "inside" "inside"  He knew, that he wanted to go inside the lego store, he knew what today was all about

Once we got to our station, he started smiling and laughing and grabbing for lego pieces!! I love how excited he gets!! The pure joy of his face makes me feel so excited, the reason I will endure 2 hour lines... the reason I will be "one of those" crazy parents that will go into work early in order to leave early :)

This event is so much fun, and makes Lil M excited about legos, plus it's his bonding time with his uncle

I hope that they continue this for years :) and eventually when he's older, he can just go with his uncle and I can stay home LOL

Can't wait for next month...

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