Monday, November 11, 2013


Sometimes it's fun to chase the goats instead of feeding them, going down the big kid slide and riding a lady bug backwards ......

Sunday Funday was a great day with Lil M's cousin Lil D :)  They rode their first kiddy rides on their own :) We went down the big slide really fast, we saw animals and we even got to run a muck.

I love days that I can take Lil M to do stuff that he enjoys!! It is so much fun to see his eyes light up with excitement and to see him express himself with more and more words!!

I am so proud of him, and so excited for all the new adventures to come

I couldn't believe how brave Lil M was, he was chasing the goats and was pointing to them saying "goat"
I don't know what kind of a sound goats make, do you? 

Until our next fun adventure!!



  1. Awww that's hilarious!!! Looks like so much fun. I always call Sunday's Funday too!!! Love your blog girlie

    xo Mel
    turquoise blonde


Have a magical day!! xoxo