Thursday, November 14, 2013


I am soooo happy!! Some kind soul dropped off my package last night :)
UPS must have delivered my package to the wrong address, and I am so lucky that the person at the house was nice enough to come by and drop it off :) 

Inside my package were some new snow gloves for Lil M and some sunglasses.  Also a new beanie and SF niners t-shirts, one for Lil M and one for me!! I am so excited!! My package isn't lost!  No one stole it, there was no mean ole grinch out there!!

I am so happy that my neighbors are all pretty friendly, and that I have made friends with  many of them!! It always makes me feel safer to know that the people who live around me have my back.  It is also nice to come home to a neighborhood with smiling faces and friendly conversation.

Let's just hope the rest of my packages get delivered to my address instead of being lost again!  The stress of wondering where my package was and what to do in order to make sure I didn't get screwed over was just too much!!

Maybe I need to start shopping in store instead of online shopping this Christmas season, just so tempting with all the emails from stores about sales and additional percentages off.......


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